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Today, thanks to the unique and exclusive content of the IDIS database, every document control has its solution.


I.D.I.S. - International Documents Information System

Is an information tool useful for those dealing with documents’ fraud and fighting illicit trafficking of vehicles, but also for everybody who is in their daily work facing documents’ control issued by some foreign country. Actually it’s a publication that allows, while performing documents’ control, to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents.

It’s correct to say that every document, by origin, has its own features of production that makes it unique; for that reason, documents’ control could be almost impossible operation bearing in mind the number of documents in circulation.

Currently, IDIS is organised as an archive composed of thousands of images gathered and collected in hundreds of data sheets containing the complete illustration (recto and verso) of: 



IDIS was created primarily as a database of national driving licenses, and our work, especially in the early years, was focused to collect and catalogue model, type and issuing data of the largest part of this type of the documents.

Our job is not only to seek and repertoire the various models, but also to identify and describe the various versions, and for that reason our database can be defined, as the most comprehensive of its kind.    


Without fear of contradiction we may say with absolute certainty that worldwide IDIS is a leading database regarding this kind of document.

The ongoing and systematic collection of all these particular documents, allowed us to create dozens of explanatory data sheets, which appear exclusively in IDIS, and which are not present in any other database, either pseudo such, Italian or foreign. 


These documents are as important as under valuated. Dealing also with the vehicles’ theft and recycling, we wanted to extend the content of database IDIS also to these documents.

In IDIS are present and catalogued all range of registration documents of all European countries, and those of the Mediterranean basin, with a particular attention, obviously, to prioritize the implementation of data sheets for those countries whose vehicles are more present on our roads and highways.    


Even though our collection of passports only started a few years ago, we have ALL the passports issued in the world, that are then published only if they are of particular interests to data sheets included in IDIS.

IDIS, in fact, is not, and does not want to become a database or repertoire of passports, since there are databases and repertories specifically dedicated to these documents, where they are described in a specific and comprehensive way. For us, it is a service that we provide to the users of our data sheets to complement and supplement the existing database.  


To allow proper control and identification of the EU and the EEA citizens, we put ALL patterns of identity cards currently in use in states that compose this wide and important socio-economic area.

The need to identify EU citizens on the road, but also at the registry, and at all public and/or private offices, brought us to include in database all identity cards currently in use. Obviously, we deal only the States whose citizens could be identified through this document.    


We insert, especially on the request of service users, each type of document that can be considered useful in the contest of control, with particular attention to all those that concern the movement of people and vehicles.

Recalls that we take care also of other specific databases regarding the insurance documents and the one concerning the international transport of persons and goods.   


All documents present in our data sheets are accompanied with their comprehensive description, and the images through which are described security features (serial number, watermark, reactions on the ultraviolet light, holograms, etc.).


We can honestly say that the IDIS is a largest and most important database of its kind (driving licenses and registration documents), and that is inappropriate to even compare it with other “products”, certainly decent, but inferior in quantity and quality of collected documents.


In fact, a database is to be considered such, only at the moment when it’s possible to provide service users the entire history or evaluation history of a document’s model, type and version!...this is the mission of IDIS.


The free use of IDIS is granted to those who work constantly and continuously with us.


The database is structured as follows:    




Here you can access pages of various countries, it’s possible to check the list of covered nations and by clicking on the flag to access the sections of each initiated state called START section.    


Access to this area is free.








Those are initial sections for every single state, starting point to access various data sheets of each document, containing general information on selected nation and on issued documents, present or not in the archive. At the START sections are inserted information on individual documents, circulars, useful addresses and whatever affects the individual state and documents issued by it. As regards the countries of greatest interest you can find news, information and images of number plates and insurances of vehicles.   


 Access to this area is free.


Within the various data sheets the individual documents are discussed in details. The first part is dedicated to their description indicating the version, dimension, issuing office, etc., followed by front/back images, images of details and available security features, every image is described and accompanied by information on legislation and other information of interest, which allows also those who are not an expert to conduct a serious documents’ control.

To access a data sheets and view documents, the authentication is needed.

Data sheets related to expired documents are free to access (bordered by green) and no authentication is needed, look the example....


I.D.I.S. - International Documents Information System


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represents the most practical and complete solution for police officers who want to resolve every problem in this area. With our database documents’ control is not a problem anymore.


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the headquarters and police officers, but also to all those who in performing their activities have the need to conduct documents’ control.


It is updated

in real time, no complication or waiting time, all the news are always present in database.

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